Monday, October 17, 2016

Got a beard?

Confused about what to do with it now that you've grown it?
Here are a few easy steps and ideas on how to tame the unruly face fur and keep it healthy and happy.

Step 1: Washing your beard
Like the hair on your head and the scalp, your beard and skin need to be cleaned and moisturised regularly. Generally, it's recommended to not wash beards more than 3 times a week using either a "beard shampoo" or a very mild hair shampoo. Be sure to fully rinse the product out of the beard as the residue may clog up the skin and either dry it out and cause beard "dandruff" or a breakout. (Neither of which are very attractive.) Now that you have a nice clean beard, just pat it dry with a towel and run a wide-toothed comb through it to remove any tangles or knots. Take your time and try not to tug them out too aggressively. Minimize the hairdryer use as well, but if you must, turn the heat down and use it sparingly.

Step 2: Salves, balms and oils
Now that your beard is all sparkly clean, it's time to put something on your beard to help keep your beard and the skin healthy. Beard oil is the easiest way to help maintain your whiskers, and skin. Generally, you just add an appropriate amount to your hands and rub it in all the way down to the skin. Make sure you get a nice even coverage. Once applied again comb it through and then finish with a boars hair beard brush for a nice even shiny look.  Alternatively or in addition to the oil you can use a "beard balm or salve". Beard balms are great as they have the added benefit of being a styling product as well. Apply your beard balm to the palm of your hand and rub them together to melt the wax, then as with the oil apply it directly to the beard and all the way down to the skin below. Comb it out and finish with a beard brush and style it as you desire. Look for beard products that are made from natural products and have Vitamin E added. Vitamin E is essential for healthy skin and hair.

Step 3: Visit your barber
Your barber is the best person to see in regards to helping you on your bearded journey. He/she will be able to trim, shape and style it to maximize your beards’ potential. Your barber is there to help, and they will only be too happy to pass on advice so don't be shy to ask questions about your beard care.

Like all things in life, everyone will modify these very general outlines to their own effect.  Some of you will not need to wash their beard as often or you may need to wash it more. These are not hard and fast rules so take it as a starting point to help YOU decide what works best.