Thursday, January 1, 2009

Shave à la Carte

Imperial Barber Shop is proud to introduce Shave à la Carte:

The Daily Shave
Perfect for the busy gentleman, no fuss no muss a close wet shave in just about 15 minutes, use daily, setup your standing appointment today.

The Head Shave
Bald is beautiful and a clean shaved head is a great feeling especially when accompanied with a hot towel.

The Design Shave
For the trendy man who wants to project a precise image, you can even bring in a picture and our barbers will be happy to give you the look you deserve.

The Traditional Shave
The tradition lives on, a wet shave using quality products and plenty of hot towels.

The Imperial Head Shave
The ultimate head shave everything you would expect and much much more using quality products and lots of hot towels.

The Imperial Shave
The ultimate shaving experience, the closest wet shave with quality products, hot towels, a selection of after shave lotion and more.