Monday, September 19, 2016

What you should know about your razor

Once upon a time, men could only get a reasonable close shave by visiting a barber. Achieving a close shave at home was challenging due to the lack of razor technology.

The invention of the stainless steel razor blade with the rechargeable safety razor was a great tool that could be used effectively at home. With the development of the safety razor, and due to a straight razor requiring multiple sharpening sessions during a shave, it could have been thought that a straight razor would never be able to meet the sharpness of a razor blade.

However, despite this new way of thinking, the safety razor still didn't prevent nicks and razor burn, especially for an inexperienced shaver. While it's worth it, practice was and still remains the only way to achieve an amazingly close shave.

In an effort to reduce the problems of shaving at home and to capitalize on razor sales, developers realized that they could create a plastic disposable safety razor that controlled the pressure and the angle of the blade. It was far more convenient and safe. It was so safe that it eliminated most problems to the skin as well as the constant blade changing. Unfortunately, it was impossible to have it both ways and still achieve a close shave.

It worked very well for a while, but over time steel became over-recycled which diminished the quality and sharpness of the blades. People also realized that not all razor blades were equally as sharp.

Since this could only be known at the time of use, it made common sense to add more blades to the razor knowing that only one blade had to be sharp. The downside was the extra cost to the consumer.

Imperial Barber Shop sells safety razors similar to the ones used long ago. Not only do we understand the value of a close shave, but it is also economical and encourages us to be environmentally responsible. With some practice, the closest shave at home is possible requiring only one razor blade. It's easy...if you find that the blade isn't sharp, simply replace it for another.